Zuckerhaus or the sugar house

April 20, 2015

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Her name is Manuela but she is from Germany. She moved to Barcelona three years ago, and when she went to work every day, from Poble sec towards the center, she passed by a tiny, turquoise local that said “Peluquería” (Hairdresser). One day she saw the door half open and sneaked in: 48 hours later the local was hers. She had no idea what she was going to do with it but it was hers. The former hairdresser only had one mirror and one chair (and one pair of scissors and one comb), so you can imagine how difficult was to set up something there. But Manuela nailed it. Zuckerhaus means “sugar house” and sugar has spilled all over the place: there are hearts all over, and the flowers are in milk pots, corners, and even in a beautiful china. But everything makes sense. Manuela’s hat makes sense, Manuela’s cakes make sense, and Manuela makes sense, because she and her pastries, they all seem taken out of a fairy tail.

Carrer del Parlament, 17,

Sant Antoni

Phone: 677 623 847



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