The good ‘Tarannà’

December 7, 2014

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Josechu is an architect, he has one of those beards and he says that his bar has helped him be less shy. Apparently it was pretty bad before. One day he arrived in Barcelona and decided to open a bar in a corner of the Sant Antoni neighborhood. When he started rebuilding the bar, on a Tuesday morning, a mysterious character started to show up; he was old, he was dressed in PJs, and he carried an oxygen bottle. The first day he saw the bar under construction he recommended Josechu to give up–he said that that place was cursed because not a single business had succeeded. You know, the typical nice guy. The man of the oxygen bottle disappeared for several weeks, and when he came back he carried a bigger bottle and dragged a little bit more his slippers. But when he saw the rebuilt bar, an impossible smile appeared on his face.
– I see you have a good ‘tarannà’. – The man told Josechu, trying to hide an unexpected pride.
– ‘Tarannà’? What does this mean?
– ‘Tarannà’ is the way you are, and what you have done with this place.
After that day the guy with the oxygen bottle never came back. But when somebody asks Josechu why did he give that name to his bar, he smiles with melancholy.



Baked eggs with mushrooms and ham 6,50 €

Baked eggs with bacon and emmental cheese 6,50 €

Bacon and cheese sandwich 4,50 €

Carrot cake 3,60 €

Chocolate and Guiness cake 3,60 €


Viladomat with Parlament

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