To have the honor of being the country that first cooked a croissant, probably the most famous pastry in the world, it is still a matter between French and Austrians. In the same way that it is still not clear if the first donut was really created in the States, or if it came by ship from Germany under the sticky pseudonym of  “oily cake”. And probably we will never know. However, what we really know for sure is the day and the place where its son was born, and the sweet hand that gave birth to it. The chef Dominique Ansel tells that the labor was long and heavy, but two months and ten recipes later, on May the 10th2013, in 189, Spring Street of New York; half croissant, half donut, the cronut saw the light for the first time.

From that moment and in that very same corner, 300 fresh cronuts are cooked every morning. And every day, before Dominique opens his shop’s door, there is a line of New Yorkers waiting to be lucky enough to pay 5$ and start the day with one of the hybrids. But there are only 300 pieces, no more, no less; and when they finish, it’s over.

As a good American, the cronut has crossed the ocean to visit the old Europe, the land of its parents. To be exact, (and a little further down), it set food in Barcelona in June, and it is staying in SantaGloria’s pastries, that affirm to be the firsts ones to disembark the cronut to Barcelona. And today, finally, I tasted it .

I chose the classic. The first impression I got is that it tastes more like a donut than like a croissant, even I would dear to say that the sugar transported me for some seconds to a sweet fritter taste, but at the third chew, when I got happily immersed in the pasty dough, the croissant appeared clearly, tender and laminated, to get mixed again with the cover sugar. The equilibrium is sublime, even with its smell: it smells of donut and croissant, simply. It fulfills your appetite completely, but it is not sickeningly sweet. The number of calories it’s still in the air… but, half donut, half croissant? I’m off running. But, you should taste it! It’s amazing!

Cronuts offer

Normal cronuts 2 €

Cronuts with topping 2,5€


Classic cronut with sugar.

Cronut covered with white chocolate, and colored chocolate balls.

Cronut covered with black chocolate on the top.

Cronut with black chocolate on the base and glass sugar on top.

Stuffed cronuts… very soon.




They have shops in Barcelona and Madrid.

Phone: (0034) 93 201 48 05